Thursday, January 04, 2007

A few pics

Faizal, Laurel, and Il Duke

Raz and Devyo

I am dancing, not shuddering from the rum. Trust me.

I don't think I like the way this thing is setting up my pics, but I will just have to fool around with some more. I seldom put pics up here, and now mom is going to think I had a bash at her house while she was away in Florida. In fact, I took a steak out of their freezer and prepared a big feast for my girl when she got off work. Then we sat around and met with a couple friends I hadn't seen since that time last year it seems.
It was beautiful, and thanks for Hotel Duke, it was great. I even turned up the furnace a little. And you know mom's out of the country when you start fiddling with the thermostat.
I sat on the phone until 9 o'clock in the evening talking to my sister in Zambia who had begun her celebration hours earlier - we'll just leave it at that. Cooked up a nice supper and played cards until the wee hours.
I am somewhere in between being a real grown up and being an old man. I think I have the old man part of it down by spenind most of New Years on my own, then meeting my sweetie, and a couple friends. And still not yet a grown-up considering I was at my parents place. Would be nice to join the ranks of the homeowners wouldn't it?
Many of my pals have started, but I seem to be lagging behind a little.
I guess I have fewer bills this way.

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