Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jasper Trip

Here's the bear in Hinton I think. Can never remember whether I'm in Hinton or Edson. It's welcoming us to the mountains.

Found a good deal at the Jasper Park Lodge which was beautiful. Our room was 100 years old I am sure, but the grounds and pool were nice. The room was pretty tiny and simple. You're never really at the hotel for very long though. There's the outdoor heated pool.

This is the tiny patio. The whole thing was quite hilarious. When I tried to check in, the hotel staff threw down their jackets for me to walk on so I wouldn't get my shoes dirty. I needed ice and they brought it right over with a smile "Mr. Dukovac" And, "would we like a ride on a golf cart to the swimming pool?" made me a little uncomfortable.
Getting out on the hill for the first time in two full winters. It felt amazing. Certainly rusty, but it doesn't take long for the body to remember what it's supposed to be doing. I ran out of steam pretty quickly, but had a beautiful time ripping down the hill.

We saw a million elk and a few goats, but once again I seem to have a lot of trouble seeing any "cool" animals like Grizzlies or big sheep. It's neat to see these things walking around two feet from you though.

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