Saturday, April 26, 2008

Easy Week

I've said before that I have the best job ever. This week I was on a Part-Time walk and finished early every day. I even had time for a haircut. I love going to get a haircut, but I don't really think it should cost me $29. I go to a nice salon to see a nice girl who seems to cut my hair nicely. Same place as my mom goes, but I can't go every time. Maybe go to Supercuts once and then to Vaso once.
Anyway, she wasn't shy with the clippers. I told her my hair was left a little too long last time, so she made sure I wouldn't leave saying the same thing. Oh well. She soaks my hair, shampoo's and conditions. Gives me a crazy head massage while conditioning and then cuts. After she rinses again and then "styles". I never look as silly as I do when I leave the barber. But we'll just call it my summer 'do.
Perhaps I will go do something today that gives me reason to take a picture. Then I will have something to blog about.
I should also share with my loyal readers that grandma made a wonderful batch of soup and homemade bread. Lucky I made it in time for supper - Thanks gran!

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