Monday, April 07, 2008

Another one bites the dust

Well my loyal readers are now subject to trivial updates on the state of my fish tank. And it's not looking good. Two more died overnight. And one got sucked into the filter and I can't find him. So we are down to three cardinal tetras and zero neon tetra's.
I'm glad three or four of you got to meet them over the short time they were with me.
Did I mention again how much I hate adding pictures to this stupid site? I've had tips from a few of you to make it easier but every time I add something or click anything the damn things get deleted and then I have to add them and reposition the photos. I'll have to figure it out by the time I return from my little jaunt to the mountains.
Look at the pathetic post from yesterday. It started with three pictures and all the writing was nice, now the words are cut off half way through and it just makes me furious. I'll leave it and play with the html code when I have stuff to add from my trip.
This free week off is going to be so nice. I got a free lift ticket, and a really sweet deal at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge so it will be nice. There are benefits to having days off during the week!
Who knows if I'll have any fish left once I return.

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