Saturday, September 09, 2006

Wow that was easy!

So I am back. The computer is healthy after being sent to the doctor. I couldn't believe how easy it was. I phoned and they asked me to send it in so they could check it out. I took the computer to Purolator and they shipped it to Mississauga on their dime. They sent a note saying they received it and would notify me when it was coming back. Well, the email said here's the Fedex tracking number and you can see when it will arrive. A few minutes later I went onto the site and found out I had just missed the delivery. Oh well, I just went and picked it up. They had it for a week, put a new LCD screen and a new mainboard along with a CPU thermal module. I am not sure what it all is, but the computer works famously now. All it cost me was a refreshing week without a computer in my place.
Then I got a bill and realized I was paying nearly $100 for cable and internet. Wow, I better phone and see why it's so expensive. Well, I found out I could get a lite version of the internet and it would drop my bill by $15-20. Go for it.
All this AND it's not yet 11 in the morning.

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