Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What's the deal baby?

A tragic shooting in Montreal, at Dawson College leaves me wondering what would cause someone to do this? I mean, you get the usual people saying the gunman was a loner, he was picked on in school, and he just snapped.
But how does a person get his or her hands on a "big gun"? And take it to a school and open fire? There were thousands of people at school that day, and I am sure they came from all walks of life, (as many walks of life have the chance to go to college anyway) but it just doesn't make sense.
So the question that pops to mind is this, Who is this gunman? We may never know, but pieces will come in and people who knew the shooter will eventually come along. It just leaves one wondering what would bring someone to this?
Montreal is not a dangerous city, and in my opinion one of the most wonderful cities in the world, but this isn't the first school shooting in Montreal. Marc Lepin at Ecole Polytechnique who gunned down 14 women in 1989 comes to mind. But why Montreal, why now?
I don't know if there's something that glorifies this behaviour in some twisted way, where the trenchcoat mafia becomes something young men want to be. The trenchcoat killers in Colorado had much bigger plans in mind - and in a way, it could've been much worse.
So perhaps this could've much worse today, but there are thousands of young people who saw something terribly scary today, and thousands of others who will be hugging their children a little more closely when they say goodnight this evening.
But alas, we'll have to wait and see if we'll ever find out a motive, an explanation, an answer.
I just wonder who this guy was. And why?

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