Wednesday, September 27, 2006

How much is it worth?

So I hear I am nowhere near the top of the pay scale for what I do. Uh hum?! Is that right? I am shocked by that.... yup, totally surprised.
But alas, when I went to ask for a raise on my one year anniversary at the radio station I was told, MAYBE. Woah!
I took some info and suggestions from the boss and decided I better come prepared next time. I am going to meet again tomorrow and see how this all goes. It's sure nice of the other bloggers who've put in their two cents on how to get what you want from work.
I think there is a one-year review policy anyway, so perhaps I'll be fine. I might've just approached him the wrong way. The tables were turned pretty quickly.
But that's what a good manager will do if I think about it a little bit. Why would a person who has the power to give out a raise, just jump up and say, "OK you got it, boy!?" No, I didn't even have a single reason prepared.
Be fearless, be relentless, be ridiculously curious.
Polarize and surprise the listeners.
Sounds pretty simple, but the best thing I learned is to take a step back and ask myself one thing, IS THIS RIGHT?
What a great way to make sure you are prepared, and in the right frame of mind for any situation.

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