Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Afternoon's Pleasures

This has been a delightful afternoon.... first it is civic election day, and if you've read any of my earlier blogs, you'll see Mark Weinmeyer in one of them. Well, turns out he also has a kid whom he denies is his, and he has kind of dissappeared.
Running for office with all those bones in his closet. I know everyone has some secrets, but kids scattered across town, a questionable lifestyle from someone who hopes to be mayor. But you have to give him credit for jumping in.
But he's a non-issue.
I went out on my walk and voted, although it wasn't much of a walk, the library is where I had to vote and that's right behind my building. I guess when your apartment block is nearly full of seniors you can always be assured of a pharmacy and a nearby voting station. Also plenty of churches to pick from.
Maybe they go to coffee and crib parties four days out of the week. But truth be told, I think the coffee and crib parties are right in the basement of my building. So they don't even have to leave.
And back to my walk, I had nothing to do so I went and looked for a place to buy cheap gummies. Halloween is creeping up, and everyone has their candy out, but I am very specific. I am looking for a variety pack with Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Berries, Fuzzy Peaces and Cherry Blasters. I know it exists, I just thought $6.50 was a little steep for 50 tiny little individual packets. So I gave up on that mission and just wandered aroud the downtown.
Finally grew tired of wandering aimlessly so I am back with three papers, a beer, two mags, and my music.
That's enough to keep me going for a while. Afterall, only a few more hours until the Mighty Oilers come on.
And if all that can't keep me busy, I can always turn on Tiger Woods golf.
Yup, I am set.

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