Monday, October 02, 2006

Africa Time

I have a sister who lives in Zambia, and I am always hearing about "Africa time". Now I know what that is..... it takes them four days to count the ballots.
But in a twist, it looks like "King Cobra" might not pull off the surprise victory and oust the incumbent.
Holy cow, he's in third place.
I guess the BBC missed something in their profiles of candidates because they missed the second place guy all together.

Well, Mr. Sata who was supported by Zambia's poor looks like he might slip to third, much to the relief of the Western Leaders I suppose, as he supported President Mugabe in neighbouring Zimbabwe.
But clearly I am no expert, just a guy who is interested in what's happening.

And in a timely note, Anderson Cooper on CNN is having a special tonight called, Killing Fields: Africa's Misery, the World's Shame. It's going to be interesting to see how it's portrayed, but I do confess that it's encouraging they are there in the first place.

More once I actually watch it and decide for myself.

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