Thursday, August 24, 2006

Record Shops

I went to the record store the other day.... hadn't been there in ages. I bought two albums - Neil Young's latest, and the most recent disc from Alexisonfire.
I might've actually been concerned what the guy at the cash register said if he didn't look like a 12 year old girl.
Emo kids..... I don't get it. And wait a minute..... the EMO kids all listen to Alexisonfire. What am I doing buying that album?
I was always the oldest guy at the Misery Signals shows. But they put out a new disc this week too. Man, I could get back into the old habits of buying discs again. But I refuse. The record stores are obsolete with the invent of Itunes and computers.
But I find myself right on the fringes of those dudes that still go buy cd's because they haven't quite got the latest toys. But at the same time I can see a guy who goes in and buy Tom Petty albums because he wants to talk it back to his wife and kids and play it on his home entertainment system.

Clearly caught in between something right now.

Anyway, they are great albums. Both of them.

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