Thursday, August 24, 2006

Missing for 8 years?

Did you catch this story about a girl in Austria who had been missing since 1998? This is amazing. I wonder how this girl could've been stuck with some nut for that long. Apparently the searchers never really gave up. They dragged lakes, looked into reports that she was spotted in Hungary, and followed other tips. Natascha Kampusch went missing while she was walking to school. Police were told she was seen getting into a white utility van but there are hundreds of those around.
One of the first things she told police was that she had to call the dude "master". He is really known as, Wolfgang Priklopil. She stayed in a 6 sq meter dungeon with running water and a bathroom. It was only accessible by a trapdoor of steel.
The guy had recently loosened his grip on her, and she darted when he was distracted by a phone call.
I can only imagine waiting 8 long years for the chance to make your dash for it.
A man-hunt began right after the girl escaped but soon ended when they found the man flattened by a train.

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