Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Almost a month

Damn, it's been almost one month since my last post, but I am glad to see Sarah's is about that long too. The time is just getting away from me. I have no idea where the month of June went.
The job front is moving along nicely. I don't know why things are so slow, but I was told to go down to Canada Post on Monday morning two weeks ago. Then on Thursday I was called to come in and do a General Abilities Test the following Monday. Good start. I think I am generally able.
Then the Tuesday I was invited for an interview, and on Wednesday they called my references. If my security check would hurry up and go through, I think I should be getting a call.
What a difference this would make, and I hope I don't jinx it or anything by updating before I actually get the call I am waiting for.
I am using this as some weird kind of superstition or something to try and will them to call me back tomorrow.
I can't imagine what I will feel like if this weight is lifted off my shoulders. One thing, I can tell you 4 months of being out of work isn't as much fun as one might think.
I'll post again as soon as I know more.

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