Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sarah's Gone

Well, that was officially the quickest three weeks of my life. But what an amazing visit. I think we did pretty well to fit as much as we did into the visit. Sarah's beau is wonderful, we got to see all of Sarah's friends, and had a trip to the mountains. We had four days at Folk Fest and even got a day in at the lake.
The worst thing about it was they had to leave.

There's Alvin as we arrive in Jasper. It was Carly's birthday, and Marty was off that week so we got to bring them along with us.

And we got in a couple of scenic little walks in to pass the time before we were on the road back to Edmonton. Maligne Canyon and Mount Edith Cavel.

There are no pics of the folk festival because I wasn't going to bother lugging my camera around. I will have to get those on the other computer. But as always it was a wonderful visit with a bunch of people I don't get to see very often. Uncle Wally and Hal were there again tempting me to take a trip to Seattle. Maybe this year it will actually happen.
Sarah and Alvin were here for his first visit in Canada and then there are friends from Vancouver, and all over who come to enjoy some cold beer and good music.
Otherwise, I will have one more week off work before they finally cut me loose on Monday Aug 27th. What a stretch of idleness.... but things are going to change pretty soon. I think I will take off to Saskatoon tomorrow for a round of golf with my cousin. Grandma says she'll pay for gas. For now though, I must have something else to do.

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